How to Pay less Taxes in A Legal Way: Here Are Our Recommendations


Until November, in fact, micro and small businesses have to deal not only with their accountant, but also with the amount of amounts to be paid to the state.

The incessant rhythms of their work and the punctuality of the tax authorities contribute to the concerns of small entrepreneurs, who, in order to avoid tax assessments, find themselves paying rather high sums without finding an actual profit in their coffers.


Pay less taxes

Pay less taxes


The request on how to pay less taxes in a legal way is not obvious, especially as regards the legal route, since the desire to reduce the tax base often translates into tax evasion. Not to mention the realities in which many of you are, at the head of a talented company that, however, fails to earn or always remains in debt!

What if we at Andrew & Sax Advisor told you that there is a legal and simpler way than you think to reduce your taxes? To intervene drastically by clearly cutting some items does not guarantee a saving on taxation, on the contrary, it deteriorates productivity. This leads to a worsening of the work and services of the company, making the costs more expensive in the future and the possibility of paying less taxes in a legal way .

The frustration you feel about having to pay almost all your income, if you don’t have money from your pocket because you don’t have a profit, the State or the banks should not make you feel alone. Almost all of your colleagues, who found an answer in management consulting for companies, had the same feeling as you.

Relying on Andrew & Sax Advisor can be one of the first winning choices you can make to pay less taxes in a legal way . If you’re wondering why, know that our management consultancy for companies boasts a team not only of expert consultants but of people who care about the company as much as the entrepreneur who is the boss.

The solution is not sought based on standard parameters used from time to time for all our customers, but is chosen specifically for you and with you.

If paying less taxes in a legal way is your current need Andrew & Sax Advisor can intervene with easy and concrete solutions, which you might not have thought of because you are too worried about excelling in production, an indispensable element today more than ever .

Not only small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from our management consultancy work, but also and above all those in charge.

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