Wear Victims and Stop Shield Banks Credit Loans: The Measures of the Law




The victims of usury these days are overwhelmingly returning to the limelight of newspapers and newscasts, thanks to the budget law and the measures it contains. In fact, it seems that the law proposed by the cartel Movement 5 Stars – Lega also includes a special fund reserved for the victims of usury.

On the other hand, another novelty also seems to stand out among the other news we have already discussed, such as the flat tax and the tax wedge: we are talking about the stop shield of banks, which if it were really to go it would constitute a national measure people of sure impact, especially in light of recent events with Mps.

So, in this text that seems to really contain everything, the government has also found space to address the issue of banks, one of the thorniest of recent times. But what are the directives contained? What will actually change for banks and citizens?

Victims of usury and stop shield banks: the measures of the 2019 budget law on financial matters

Victims of usury and stop shield banks: the measures of the 2019 budget law on financial matters

That of supporting the banks was one of the struggles that both the M5S and the League pursued during their respective electoral campaigns, backed by great public support. Among so many scandals, that of the banks seems to be particularly felt, since it touches on a subject so dear, that of the savings that employees and entrepreneurs accumulate for a lifetime.

Certainly also the issue of victims of usury is just as serious, if not more so: in the world today, the prevailing purchase method has become that of financing. It then becomes very easy to become prey to inconceivable interest rates, a vicious circle that soon leads to bankruptcy. So let’s see immediately what measures the government has adopted to redress the situation.

Support for victims of usury

Support for victims of usury


With the budget law a series of supports have been introduced for the most disadvantaged or deserving categories. It starts with the excellence and youth bonus, which supports and encourages the employment of these categories, and it reaches families, with the bonus of the third child land and baby bonus.

This is mostly confirmation of measures already introduced in recent years: even that of supporting victims of usury is not really an absolute novelty.

As the Official Journal reminds us, the decree law of December 29, 2010 n.255 established the Revolving Fund for solidarity with the victims of mafia-type crimes, extortion claims, usury and violent intentional crimes as well as orphans for domestic crimes.


What the law requires

What the law requires


Today, however, the text of the 2019 budget law is clear: 30 million euros are on the way.

In particular:

  • 10 million for 2019
  • 10 million for 2020
  • Another 10 million at the end of the three-year period in 2021.

The fund is to be allocated to the aforementioned Solidarity Fund for victims of extortion claims and usury for compensation.

How to access it


The establishment of the Fund aims to make it easier for citizens to access support. The same Ministry has published an online handbook explaining how to access the fund. The moment you find yourself the victim of an extortion, the fund provides for the donation of a sum as a public contribution without the obligation of reimbursement. The measure is intended as a compensation for pecuniary damage suffered by victims of usury.

Furthermore, through the Fund it is possible for victims of wear and tear to access a 10-year loan to revive economic activity. Too often, in fact, the victims of usury are small business owners or artisans, who at a time of economic difficulty have turned to the wrong person to save their business.

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