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Can I get my loan paid out over the weekend?

Yes definitely! Depending on who you are borrowing from here on the site, you will be paid money between 1 and 3 hours – also on weekends and holidays.


What quick loans are available on weekends?

All the quick loans and overdrafts here on loan money can now be searched, granted and paid on weekends, holidays and at night. And it does not cost extra!


Payment of loans at the weekendLoan payout weekend makes it all a bit more fun! There is not much fun standing without money at the weekend, when it is where you really need them. Fun and exciting things usually cost money, and fortunately you can get them paid out right away if you lack them.


SMS loan payout immediately also on weekends


Paying out loans over the weekend has become a reality and it is just as easy and quick to get the money paid out on weekends as it is in everyday life.


How to borrow money at the weekend

The procedure is extremely simple, and it takes place as follows, whether you want to borrow on a weekday or on Saturday or on Sunday:


Enter the desired loan amount from DKK 500 – 400,000.

Enter the desired maturity from 30 days – 96 months

Enter the name, address and phone number

Sign with your NemID

Wait 30 – 60 seconds

Within less than a minute, the response to your loan application will appear on the screen and if you are approved for the loan, you just have to wait another 1-30 minutes before the money is in your account. If you want a loan payout right away, then quick pay is the only solution for you. Money outside the bank is your way to paying out loans on weekends and generally 24 hours a day, year round!


Payment of loans Saturday

Payment of loans Saturday

Many Danes are very grateful that it is now possible to pay out loans on Saturday and Sunday, and generally that they can borrow money around the clock. After a hard week of work, especially Saturday is one of the days that we all look forward to enjoying. There are many ways to enjoy your Saturday, but whatever you choose to do, it will almost always be costly.


Borrow money on Saturday and get a payout immediately, so you can go with friends at the cafe, pub or in the cinema. The worst thing is when your friends leave and you have to stay home because you have no money. The Saturday will then go from being super fun to super boring. But you no longer have to worry about it now that you can get a loan on Saturday.


Also payout of quick loans on Sunday

Also payout of quick loans on Sunday

When it comes to paying out quick loans on Sunday, we look at exactly the same simple and lightning fast loan process. So the same quick loan process as if you wanted to borrow money on a Saturday, everyday or even a public holiday; there is no difference! It is no fun missing money on a Saturday, but it is certainly not fun to stand on a Sunday morning, knowing that you can do nothing that costs money.



Also get a loan payment on all holidays!



However, forget about the lack of money on a Sunday, because now you can also borrow money on a Sunday and get quick payout immediately! If your friends want you to eat brunch or past the masseur, apply for a quick payout on Sundays. After you apply for the quick loan, you can go for a bath and after the bath the money is in your account, which you can spend on just what you want.


NOTE: Paying out loans on all holidays all year round include: Easter, Christmas, New Year, Pentecost, Great Day of Work and the Ascension Day.


Borrow money at night

Borrow money at night

It makes no difference at all whether you want to borrow money during the day or borrow money at night, or whether you want to borrow money on Saturday, Sunday or Christmas Eve! You can borrow money around the clock, also on weekends and also at. 2 or at. 4 at night – it makes no difference.


Loans 24/7 365 days a year is probably the best way to formulate it. Being able to borrow 24 hours a day gives you, as borrowers, a large number of options that you did not have before. Maybe you are sitting late and falling over a cancellation trip that you know will be sold out for a short time, what do you do? You just take out a loan at night and get a payout immediately, and then you buy a ticket or two!



There are several who offer loan disbursement at the weekend, but there are three lenders in particular that stand out from the crowd:


Simbo.dk: Payout of 30 minutes round the clock

Lendon.dk: Payout in minutes 24/7, all year round

VIVUS.dk: Payout of 1 minute round the clock

Ferratum.dk: Payout of 45 minutes around the clock

The above three providers are for the same reason super popular on the Danish market. But they are not only popular because of their loan disbursement 24 hours a day, but equally because they offer free and interest-free loans for 30 days. All new customers at Simbo.dk, VIVUS.dk and Ferratum.dk can borrow money free of charge and free of interest .


Loans without collateral and credit rating

As mentioned earlier, the loan process is exactly the same, no matter when the day you want to borrow money. The requirements are also exactly the same, and therefore you can get loans without security and credit rating, which is a huge advantage for you.


Loans without collateral simply mean that the lender does not require a mortgage on your property, car or boat. So you record the loan without having any kind of security for it. The same applies if you can borrow money without credit rating and documentation.


You do not have to present either a pay slip or a budget that the banks normally use for credit rating. In other words, you get rid of all the hassle when you choose to take out a quick loan 

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